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Welcome to the Three Rivers Hotel

Taste the delicious food in Greenvale. Discover more about Slim Dusty & Stan Coster.

Situated along the Gregory Development Road between Charters Towers and Mount Garnet, Greenvale is the perfect spot to have a break on your trip ! Here, you can enjoy a meal or a beer while discovering a snapshot of a 70's mining town and walk on the path of two Australian County music legends.

Three Rivers Hotel's Song

Watch Slim's perfomance on Youtube

The perfect stop on your alternate road from Cairns to Townsville

While roads along the coast can often si generaly still open and, if closed, will open before any other road.

Here is what we can tell about the road leading to Greenvale according to Queensland Traffic.
Please be aware that conditions may change !

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The road from Greenvale to Townsville is open
The road from Greenvale to Charters Tower is open
The road from Greenvale to Townsville by Charters Tower is open
The road from Greenvale to Atherton is open


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